Tuesday, 21 August 2018

August 21, 2018

Outrage As Oyo Government Demolishes Ayefele's N800m Radio Station, Studio

The scene of the demolition
The Oyo State Government on Sunday demolished the Music House which housed Fresh FM, a radio station, as well as music studios that belong to artiste, Yinka Ayefele, drawing protest from fans and stakeholders in the entertainment industry.
The demolition was carried out despite a court injunction restraining the government from embarking on the exercise.
The government had last week served a demolition notice on the building owner, explaining that the building contravened physical planning law, adding that the demolition would be carried out after three days of receiving the notice.
According to Ayefele, the building, located in the Challenge area of Ibadan, is valued at over N800m.
The order expired on Wednesday, but while many waited for the government’s next action, the Director of Yinka Ayefele Nigeria Limited, Mr David Ajiboye, told journalists on Thursday that Ayefele had obtained a court injunction, restraining the government from carrying out the demolition.
He had also stated that all relevant documents were obtained before the construction of the building.
However, the state government moved its bulldozer to the scene around 5.30am on Sunday, demolishing a part of the building and putting a halt to programme transmission.
The station went off air around 6.30 am.
The government action drew thousands of sympathisers to the area; many of them were in tears. The front view of the building overlooking the Ibadan end of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, including the fence was demolished.
One of Punch correspondents, who visited the scene, observed that some equipment in some affected offices had fallen to the ground.
After security men and the demolition team left the scene, fans of Ayefele and the radio station staged a protest against the government’s action.
The protesters blocked a section of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, causing a gridlock, while hundreds of vehicles were forced to seek alternative routes.
The protesters, who remained at the scene for hours, threw objects at vehicles with stickers of the All Progressives Congress or anyone suspected to be a member of the APC government in the state.
A convoy travelling towards Lagos State was waylaid by the protesters. It was delayed for several minutes as the crowd demanded that the occupant of one of the vehicles, a Sport Utility Vehicle, Escalade, wind down the glass and identify himself. It took several gunshots from the police in the convoy to disperse the protesters.
Among sympathisers at the scene were prominent broadcasters in the state and politicians, who condemned the government action.
A governorship aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party, Seyi Makinde, pleaded for calm while calling on Ayefele and staff of the radio station to remain strong.
He said, “I have to personally visit the station to confirm the incident because I believe that no government under civilian rule could contemplate not to talk of actually demolishing a popular radio station under a flimsy excuse. My visit is beyond politics, as the sad development endangers freedom of speech which is the rock upon which true democracy is built.”
When the station returned on air from an alternative studio outside the building, Ayefele called on sympathisers to be calm, saying that the state Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism, Toye Arulogun, was the one behind the demolition.
Efforts by PUNCH Metro to get the commissioner’s response were not successful, as his mobile telephone was switched off. A text message sent to the phone was not responded to.
Meanwhile, the Freelance and Independent Broadcasters Association of Nigeria has condemned the demolition, describing it as a way of gagging the media by the government ahead 2019 election.
The National President of the association, Mr Desmond Nwachukwu, in a statement by the National Publicity Secretary of the association, Mr Bisi Ajiboye, on Sunday in Akure, Ondo State, said the action of the Oyo State Government was an “executive recklessness,  lawlessness and condemnable.”
Nwachukwu said, “Since the matter is before a court of competent jurisdiction, the Oyo State Government should have acted with caution. This is a media house that has about 200 employees and other independent people that are earning their living in the organisation; and a government is planning to throw them away. This is absurd.
“We  solidarise with Yinka Ayefele, the management and staff of Fresh FM, and by extension our members that are earning their living at the radio station.”
August 21, 2018

Rebuild Ayefele’s Fresh FM or face legal action – SERAP threatens Ajimobi

Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project, (SERAP) has demanded that the Governor of Oyo State, Senator Abiola Ajimobi, rebuilds the demolished building of Fresh FM owned by popular juju musician, Yinka Ayefele, or face national and international legal actions.
This was made known in an open letter by SERAP’s deputy director, Timothy Adewale on Tuesday requesting Governor Ajimobi to immediately halt all further eviction and demolition of Fresh FM building and to show full respect for the safety and dignity of residents and owner of Fresh FM.
SERAP also urged Ajimobi to ensure full and effective respect for the rights to freedom of expression and media freedom in Oyo State.
The letter reads in part: “We have information to suggest that the destruction of Fresh FM was based on political considerations and retaliation against the radio station on purported allegations of defamation against you.
“The facts suggest that the demolition of Fresh FM building failed to comply with the principle of lawfulness and reasonableness. The demolition was neither done in the public interest nor carried out to achieve a legitimate aim.
“This apparently unlawful action has set a bad precedent, and created a high level of uncertainty and anxiety among many radio stations and other media organizations in Oyo State about the future because of the likelihood of their buildings being demolished when they are deemed to broadcast views which the Oyo State authorities may consider too critical or ‘defamatory’.”
“By going ahead to demolish the Fresh FM building despite being served with the court papers in the case filed by the station, you implicitly obstructed access of the radio station and their owners to appropriate forms of legal protection, contrary to the provisions of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights to which Nigeria is a state party and which is legally binding on the government of Oyo State.
“SERAP is seriously concerned that the Oyo State authorities carried out the demolition of Fresh FM building with wilful disregard for the dignity, health, and safety of residents and the owner, who is a person with disabilities. The demolition of the radio station has now exposed residents to the elements and the public to the risk of complete collapse of the building.
“We urge Governor Abiola Ajimobi to ensure full and effective respect for the rights to freedom of expression and media freedom in Oyo State.
“We request that you take this step within 7 days of the receipt and/or publication of this letter, failing which SERAP will take national and international legal actions to compel your government to act in the public interest and the overall interest of the rule of law.
“Since your government’s action in this case suggests serious disregard for the safety and welfare of the residents of Fresh FM, the authorities’ conduct may have risen to a level of severity so as to constitute inhuman and degrading treatment of residents and owner, contrary to the provisions of the Nigerian Constitution 1999 (as amended) and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to which Nigeria is a state party.
“Your government has reportedly cut water, sewer, electricity, gas, and telephone lines to the radio station, rendering it uninhabitable and incapable of discharging its constitutional duties of informing the citizens and ensuring that government is both responsible and accountable to the people.
“We contend that the action by your government has no basis in our laws, which provide that no public authorities must resort to self-help and carry out forced evictions and demolitions without a properly obtained court order. Your government’s action also violates Nigeria’s international human rights obligations, including its obligations under the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights to protect private property.
“Your government has responded to the demolition of Fresh FM building on Sunday 19 August 2018, claiming that it demolished the building worth over N800 million because your government was ‘carrying out its statutory role in the public interest. Your government claimed it gave “ample opportunity for Fresh FM to regularise its building plan”. Your government also claimed the demolition of the Fresh FM building was not politically motivated.
“However, available facts reveal that the demolition may have been influenced by political considerations, and done in retaliation for alleged defamation by Fresh FM. SERAP has seen an audio recording of you at the radio station in 2016 wherein you claimed to be under pressure from some of the members of your cabinet to demolish Fresh FM building on the ground that the radio station and its owner Mr Yinka did not support your political ambition but that you resisted the pressure to demolish.
“SERAP has also seen a letter dated 3rd July 2018 and signed by your Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice Oluseun Abimbola wherein you alleged ‘libellous broadcast by Fresh FM 105.9.’ The letter claimed that during a programme “Political Circuit” on Fresh FM on Saturday 30th June 2018, the radio station ‘falsely accused, maliciously and wickedly misled the public and the entire world’ on your alleged interest in a private company.’
“Assuming there was a legitimate claim in defamation against Fresh FM, the proper venue for you and your government would have been to seek legal redress in court and not to resort to self-help in the form of arbitrary demolition of the radio station building.
“The UN General Assembly has recognized the “fundamental obligation of governments (including that of Oyo State) to protect and improve houses and neighbourhoods, rather than damage or destroy them.
“Further, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in Article 17 provides: ‘Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.’ Similarly, the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights to which Nigeria is a state party provides in Article 14: ‘The right to property shall be guaranteed. It may only be encroached upon in the interest of public need or in the general interest of the community and in accordance with the provisions of appropriate laws.’”
August 21, 2018

Drinking Coffee And Other Ways To Avoid Diabetes

Everything you need to live well
Diabetes is a chronic disease which affects millions of people around the world. It can sometimes cause blindness, kidney failure, heart disease and other serious conditions.
The stage known as prediabetes is the point where a person’s blood sugar levels are high but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes.
While diabetes developed from genes cannot easily be avoided, here are five ways to prevent diabetes in general:

Drink coffee or tea

Research has advised sticking to water as a primary beverage. However, studies have also shown that adding coffee or tea, which contains an antioxidant known as polyphenols, in your diet may help protect against diabetes.
A steaming cup of coffee Photo Pinterest

Cut down on sugar and carbohydrate intake

A quick way to develop diabetes is from a huge intake of sugary foods and carbohydrates. To avoid getting the disease, cut down on these foods.
For people with prediabetes, the body’s cells are resistant to insulin’s action. Therefore, the sugar remains high in the blood and can lead to progressively higher blood sugar and insulin levels until the condition eventually turns into type 2 diabetes.

Drink lots of water

Water should be taken more often. This helps you avoid other beverages that are high in sugar, preservatives and other questionable ingredients. Studies have also found that increased water consumption may lead to better blood sugar control and insulin response.
Close-up of a woman drinking water from a bottle photo Pinterest

Try to lose weight

While not every obese or overweight person develops type 2 diabetes, the majority of that population suffer from the condition and are also at a higher risk of developing diabetes. If you fall into this category, it’s best to lose weight before it worsens.

Work out regularly

Engaging in physical activities on a regular basis may help prevent diabetes as it increases the insulin sensitivity of your cells. So when you exercise, less insulin is required to keep your blood sugar levels under control.
Senior Man in Exercise Room — Image by © Fabio Cardoso/Corbis
August 21, 2018

2019 election: Don’t return to Egypt – FG tells Nigerians

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed has urged Nigerians to resist the temptation of voting for those who will return the country to throes of massive looting.
Mohammed made the appeal on Tuesday in a Sallah message delivered at a media briefing at his home town, Oro, near Ilorin in Kwara.
He said, “It is the year that the critical decision will be made as to whether Nigeria will continue along the path of development, in all ramifications (social, economic, political, etc), that this administration has embarked upon since 2015, or the country will retrogress and backslide to the throes of massive and primitive looting and lack of development.”
The News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, reports that Mohammed appealed to Nigerians to be vigilant and not yield the space to naysayers, adding that the gains made by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration in the past three years must be preserved.
“Nigeria must continue on its present trajectory to sustainable growth and development. Never again must we go back to Egypt,” he said.
The minister thanked Nigerians for their perseverance support for the administration and gave an assurance that their sacrifice for the nation would not be in vain.
He expressed optimism that with the support of the people, the 2019 elections would be a walkover for Buhari and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).
“As we approach this critical fork on the road, I have no iota of doubt that the good people of Nigeria will choose the path of development, having seen the commitment, sincerity and patriotism of this administration.
“It is clear, from all indications, that Nigerians are not going back to Egypt.
“Because of the support of the people, our party will win, even with a wider margin in 2019, thus sealing the fate of the naysayers.”
Mohammed noted that the fear of Buhari’s impending victory in the forthcoming elections explained why naysayers and looters had been running from pillar to post and desperate to thwart the victory of the APC.
On why Buhari should be returned to power, the minister said that the administration had done
what no other Administration had done in the history of Nigeria.
He said the APC government was putting the country firmly on the path of sustainable growth and
development in all areas, including infrastructure, economy, agriculture and the fight against corruption.
“While the trend in Nigeria had been to put money in the pocket of a few to the detriment of the masses, this aadministration has embarked on a massive redistribution of the nation’s wealth.
“Never again will a privileged few corner the nation’s commonwealth! The nation’s resources are being spent for the benefit of the people.”
He said the administration had embarked in unprecedented massive infrastructural development.
“The whole country is one huge construction site. Roads are being constructed in all the six geo-political zones.
He said the administration had built over 700 kms of roads, rehabilitated about 650 kms and delivering many rail projects.
The minister said the administration championed a huge revolution in agriculture, especially with one of national staples, rice.
“His Administration has employed 500,000 unemployed graduates under its Social Intervention Programme (SIP). No government in our country’s history has ever done that.
“This administration has been daily feeding 8.5 million school children in 23 states and providing N10,000 every two months to over 300,000 families as social security for the most vulnerable.
He said the administration had recorded unprecedented feat in the power sector, generating to 7,000 megawatts and distributing 5,000 megawatts.
On the fight against corruption, he said the Buhari government had been unrelenting and driving corruption under the table.
Furthermore, he said that the administration was confronting the security challenges with uncommon determination.
“From Benue to Zamfara, the spate of killings has fallen drastically, though this is not making the kind of headlines made by the killings that were mostly orchestrated by those who are mortally opposed to the administration.
Our gallant troops are scoring victory after victory against the vestige of Boko Haram, which has been massively degraded and put on the run,” he said.
NAN reports that the minister earlier joined other Muslim faithful to observe the Sallah prayers at the Oro Central Eid ground.
The Oro monarch, Oba AbdulRafiu Ajiboye and the Vice-Chancellor of University of Ilorin, Prof. Sulyman Abdulkareem, were among the dignitaries at the prayer ground.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

August 19, 2018

Re-examine your lifestyle

By Pastor Oloruntimilehin Joshua Daramola
Our lifestyle in this world is very important. It has a lot to do in our life journey, our work, in our prayer. If you are praying and your lifestyle is not meaningful before God that means the person is just talking and not praying.
There are utterances and prayers; one can be talking and think he or she is praying. Some people do offer sacrifice before they talk; they place a pot containing some items on T-Junctions as sacrifice. What do they use it for? The sacrifice is to pave way for the person that is offering it for the purpose the sacrifice is meant for.Pastor Daramola
For the sacrifice to be accepted the person is required to pray when placing the pot at the designated place. Sacrifices are offered by people to have authority of tongue. Cain and Abel offered sacrifices to God from their possessions; they took the sacrifices to the altar of burnt offering. Cain’s sacrifice was rejected while Abel’s was accepted.
Why was Abel’s sacrifice accepted? The material used by Abel had au-thority than Cain’s material. Genesis 4:3-7 “In the course of time Cain brought some of the fruits of the soil as an offering to the Lord. But Abel brought fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock…if you do what is right, will you not be accepted…” Likewise some people’s prayers are not answered because they lack authority to control their homes. These people will give instructions to their wives and children but they disobey and disregard the instructions. This is the level of authority of tongue they have. It is not because they do not have money or they are bewitched.
There are families where wives are breadwinners, while their husbands  con-trol the homes and give instructions. These men are men of authority. Likewise many people know how to pray but do not have the authority of prayer in their mouths. Some people fast to offer sacrifice as prayer yet the offering is not acceptable. Christians, Muslims and traditionalists have different channels for offering sacrifice to God. Muslims believe that after fasting for 30 days they must slaughter a white ram to God. Christians believe that after fasting, they have authority of tongue that is their sacrifice to God.
Jesus Christ had authority of tongue after fasting and praying for 40 days and 40 nights. Matthew 4:1-11. Jesus was led to the wilderness not to stumble when temptation came. He was able to overcome the temptation by the authority he had.
It was the same temptation that Job encountered that Samson had but Samson fell through the woman that came into his life. Jesus and Job were tempted so that they can be found guilty before God. Christians fast to help and empower their tongues.
*For further enquiries contact The Omnipotence Mission of God, 2 Olo-runtimilehin St, Pipeline, Mosan off Ipaja road, Lagos or call 08023020108; 08058110288; 08023020108, 08058110288. www.facebook.com/pastoroloruntimilehin.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

August 14, 2018

FIFA Threatens To Suspend Nigeria, Ghana

FIFA president Gianni Infantino speaks during a press conference. Photo: Alexander NEMENOV / AFP
FIFA has threatened to suspend the Nigeria and Ghana football federations over government interference.
Nigeria will face the wrath of world football’s governing body unless “the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) offices are not handed back to the legitimate NFF executive committee under President Amaju Melvin Pinnick”, FIFA warned in a statement on Tuesday.
Nigeria put itself on a collision course with FIFA in July when the government’s sports ministry directed the NFF to comply with a court order to overturn Pinnick’s election and recognise Chris Giwa as its head.
The long-running dispute over who is in charge of the NFF dates back to 2014.
Giwa first claimed to have won election to the top job.
However, FIFA did not endorse the vote and threatened suspension unless it was re-run.
Pinnick won the re-run, although the vote was also deemed to have been flawed. Giwa then launched court action over the result.
FIFA said the ban would only be lifted once Pinnick has confirmed the NFF is back under his effective control.
Ghana’s problems stem from a corruption scandal engulfing suspended GFA federation boss Kwesi Nyantaki.
FIFA are on the warpath after the country’s Attorney General ordered the GFA to be dissolved.
“If the petition to start the liquidation process of the GFA is not withdrawn” by August 27 the association “will be suspended with immediate effect”, FIFA said.
FIFA statutes dictate that member states should “manage their affairs independently with no influence from third parties”.
August 14, 2018

Kaduna Deputy Speaker resignsafter dumping APC

The Deputy Speaker, Kaduna State House of Assembly, John Audu Kwaturu, has officially resigned his position as the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly.
The Deputy Speaker, Kaduna State House of Assembly, John Audu Kwaturu, has officially resigned his position as the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly.
Speaking with newsmen, Kwaturu stated that he has submitted his resignation letter to the office of the Speaker on Tuesday in Kaduna.

Monday, 13 August 2018

August 13, 2018

Bauchi South bye-election suffered more vote buying than Ekiti guber – GPN

Chief Sam Eke, the National Chairman of Green Party of Nigeria (GPN), has expressed dissatisfaction over last Saturday’s bye-election in Bauchi South senatorial zone.
He accused the ruling APC of conniving with external forces to rig the election in favour of its candidate, Lawan Yahaya Gumau.
Recall that Green Party of Nigeria (GPN) fielded a former Governor of Bauchi state, Isa Yuguda, as its senatorial candidate in the just-concluded Bauchi South bye-election, who polled 33,079 votes to come second in the election.
Eke spoke to DAILY POST on Monday against the backdrop of the declaration of APC’s Gumau as winner of the bye-election by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Sunday.
He claimed that the bye-election was marred by vote buying, stressing that the development was worse than what transpired at the Ekiti gubernatorial election.
According to the GPN chair, “We are not satisfied with the outcome of the election. And we pre-empted what they wanted to do, only that we do not have the machinery of state to counter it.
“The vote buying in Bauchi was even higher that what we saw in Ekiti state. The determinant in Nigeria politics is now money. But I tell you, those of us who are into a coalition, we are not perturbed in anyway because we are going to match them when the time comes.
“What they are seeing now is just a flash in a pan, it’s not Uhuru yet. They will not be able to carry the day when it comes to 2019 elections.”
August 13, 2018

Emir of Kano lists threats to Nigeria’s security, development

Muhammadu Sanusi II, the Emir of Kano, has identified threats to Nigeria’s security and development.
The monarch listed the neglect of youths, agriculture, access to education and land policies as the real threats to National development and security in Nigeria.
Sanusi, a former Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, made this disclosure while delivering a paper titled, “Youth, Security and National Development in Nigeria,” at the International Youth, Graduation and Annual Lecture of the Vocational Centre in Katsina, yesterday.
The former CBN governor noted that the country was facing serious security challenges as a result of non-involvement of youths in the productive sector of the economy.
He said, “The insurgents in the North East and the Niger Delta regions recruit youth who cannot be productive to society because of their ideology or lack of education.
“Most of those who join in the insurgency are economically disadvantaged. This threat to national security cannot also be overcome unless these issues of ideology and lack of access to quality education are addressed.”
August 13, 2018

Transfer: Ex-Man United defender, Wes Brown speaks on Paul Pogba joining Barcelona

Former Manchester United defender, Wes Brown has weighed in on report linking midfielder, Paul Pogba with a move to join Barcelona.
Pogba has been heavily linked with a move to the La Liga champions this summer following several bust-ups with the Red Devils manager, Jose Mourinho last season.
The France international was handed the captain’s armband for Friday’s Premier League 2-1 victory over Leicester in Antonio Valencia’s absence.
Brown, however, has dismissed the report linking Pogba with a move away from Old Trafford, stating that the midfielder is committed to United.
“Pogba will be staying,” Brown told Starsport.
“He’s a Manchester United player. He was captain on Friday, scored a penalty, had a great World Cup and I’m hoping that he just keeps that going and has a fantastic season for United.
“Maybe he’ll be given a bit more freedom this season, especially with Fred there now and still Matic to come in.
“Fred looks like to get around the pitch, it looks like he likes defending so that may mean Pogba can advance a little bit.
“We’ll just have to see, it’s a bit early at the moment to see how that plays or whether he does become more attacking or if he’s more defensive.”

Sunday, 12 August 2018

August 12, 2018

Orji Kalu finally reacts to defections in APC, PDP

Orji Uzor Kalu, Former Abia State Governor has expressed concern at the gale of defections hitting major political parties.
DAILY POST reports that in recent weeks, governors, lawmakers and other top members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) have cross-carpeted along with their supporters.

Speaking, Kalu said the trend would only stop if parties are “ideologically driven”.
“This defines the policies and programmes they pursue when they are in government”, he told NAN on Sunday.
“The major political ideologies vary from socialist, liberal, capitalist, welfarist and progressives.
“This is what has defined key democratic societies like the USA, UK, France, India and Japan.
Orji Uzor Kalu, Former Abia State Governor has expressed concern at the gale of defections hitting major political parties.
DAILY POST reports that in recent weeks, governors, lawmakers and other top members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) have cross-carpeted along with their supporters.
Speaking, Kalu said the trend would only stop if parties are “ideologically driven”.
“This defines the policies and programmes they pursue when they are in government”, he told NAN on Sunday.
“The major political ideologies vary from socialist, liberal, capitalist, welfarist and progressives.
“This is what has defined key democratic societies like the USA, UK, France, India and Japan.
“But for Nigeria, there seems to be dearth of political parties driven by ideology”.
He, however, emphasised that loopholes in the constitution allowed politicians to defect from one political party to another.
“You cannot stop people defecting from one political party to another because it is absolutely their choice.
“This is possible as long as you have political parties without ideologies.
“What they are doing is every four years they change from one political party to another.
“People continue defecting from one political party to another and nobody talks about what to do for the masses who own the resources.
“They only talk about themselves; so I want Nigerian politicians to discuss how we are going to be of use to the people that own these resources.
“You can also see that because the various tiers of government, individuals and corporate entities have no respect for the decisions of the courts, it is making defection and other unlawful things to be possible.
“If we Nigerians genuinely want democracy to endure, we should learn how to respect the laws of the land,” Kalu said.
August 12, 2018

Soldiers Protest In Borno Over Redeployment

Soldiers of the Special Strike Forces deployed in Operation Lafiya Dole have protested against their posting to Marte, a Local Government Area (LGA) in Northern Borno State.
The soldiers reacted to the news of the latest posting on Sunday evening by firing gunshots in the air at the Maiduguri International Airport in the state capital.
One of the soldiers told Channels Television via a phone interview that they were due for rotation, having spent almost four years at the theatre of operations.
He said they reported for duty in February 2015, stressing that a military circular from the Chief of Army Staff had clearly stated that no soldier should in any account be kept beyond three years in the North East region of the country.
The soldier lamented that out of the over 300 troops who reported, many of them had died in the last three years as a result of ambush or landmines by the Boko Haram insurgents, while some were killed in battle.
The angry soldiers have blocked all entrances to the airport and have insisted on redress.
However, attempts by top military officers of the Theatre Command to appease the irate soldiers could not yield any positive result.
As at the time of filing this report, the military authorities have yet to react to the incident while the spokesperson for the Theatre Command, Colonel Clement Nwachukwu, could not be reached.

August 12, 2018

Young Widow Wins Her Late Husband's Seat In Cross River Bye-election (Photos)

The late lawmaker
The Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mrs Abbey Ukpukpen, has won Saturday’s Obudu State Constituency Bye-Election into the Cross River House of Assembly.
Mrs Abbey Ukpukpen, widow of a member of the Assembly, Stephen Ukpukpen, who died in May.
His seat was declared vacant following his death.
The State Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC), Dr Frankland Briyai, announced the result on Sunday in Obudu, Headquarters of Obudu Local Government.
The widow who won her husband's seat
According to Briyai, the PDP Candidate scored 12,712 votes to beat her closest rival, Mr Ishamali Bendel, of the All Progressives Congress (APC), who scored 4,345 votes.
Other results include: Awafang Angiating of Mega Party of Nigeria (MPN), who scored 132 votes and Agwupuye Umeka of African Democratic Party (ADP), who scored 114 votes to place third and fourth, respectively.
“Total valued votes 17,303; rejected votes 607; total votes cast 17,910; total number of registered voters 69,908, ‘’ he said.
The REC commended the Electorate for the peaceful conduct of the exercise and urged them to replicate the same disposition in the 2019 year’s general elections.
Therefore, Mrs Abbey Ukpukpen, a staff of the University of Calabar, will now replace her late husband in the assembly.
August 12, 2018


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4. N100 for a post you created that got approved. You can create as many posts as possible and get N100 approval fee on each post.
5. N1000 on each person you refer and successfully register.
NOTE: Referral is not compulsory, but it’s necessary
You can qualify and request for withdrawal once you have up to N5,000 and above in your account.
Once you reach N5000, you can request for payment on every 25th of every month.
The Site pays on 27th-30th of every month.
Make sure you save those date
Make sure you work on daily basis to increase your money.
For Inquiries and more details, Contact/Whatsapp me (samuel) on 08165617248
Here is the link once againhttps://nnu.ng//nip/?a=ayodimeji6561
Good Luck!